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The IPhone 11 works for the iPhone XR (6.1 inch 2019/2018 version). 0.33 mm tempered glass screen protector. Provides maximum protection against scratches, scratches and bumps.

Iphone 11 Screen Protectors

Exclusive: the rounded design of the iPhone XR/11 and tempered glass to improve compatibility in most cases does not cover the entire screen. HD ultra clear round glass for iPhone XR / 11 (6.1 inch 2018/2019 release) is 99.99% touch screen accurate.
99.99% high resolution transparent hydrophobic and oleophobic display coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.
This is 100% brand new, precision laser-cut tempered glass, elegantly polished, 2.5 D rounded edges.
The easiest installation-removing the dust and aligning it properly before the actual installation,don't worry about bubbles,enjoy it as if you don't have a screen.Precision laser-cut tempered glass fits perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.The flexibility of the glass screen saver is the same as plastic material, is it made of tempered glass or plastic?

This screensaver is a real tempered glass.Plasticly flexibily is the exact reason we call it the tempered glass screen protector.Tempered or tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is processed with controlled thermal or chemical processes to increase its strength compared to normal glass.

2.It apparently I can't say it's glass or plastic, and we don't have high-tech laboratory equipment at home, so what can we do to identify it as a customer?

There is always a simple,quick and cost-effective way to run a test alone, and eating is not right.as a basic scientific fact, 210 to 160 degrees Celsius is the melting point of most plastic,so it is lighter, while the glass material is at least above 1400 degrees Celsius.

3.Does it come with a cleaning cloth to use before placing it on the phone?

Yes, the package includes: 6 * guide stickers, 3 * wet wipes and 3 * dry wipes, 3 * dust absorber

4.Does the screen saver take up the entire screen? Why is it smaller than my iPhone's screen?

The rounded edge of the IPhone design and tempered glass to enhance compatibility in most cases does not cover the entire screen. It is effective in preventing blistering and peeling at the edges. If you prefer a full screen saver, we strongly recommend our full screen saver.

5.How do I remove bubbles?

Before installing the screen saver, please first clean the screen using the kits in the package.If there are bubbles, please try pressing the balloon using your finger with a small force and using a ruler or credit card to help solve the problem,but a thin cloth pad is required on the screen surface to prevent scratches.protecting.

6.How do I remove a broken glass screensaver?

Remove the screen saver from any corner of the screen saver with the card. Once the corner is removed from the device, hold the corner and gently remove it.(If you find a chip or crack in the screen saver, for your safety, please wear gloves to gently remove the screen saver to prevent any possible damage or injury)

7. Why does your screen saver have a white edge?

If for any reason you get a screensaver with a flaw or other problem, please let us know ,we'll help you right away.

The iPhone has 2.5 D curved edges around the screen, but due to inconsistencies in production, not all iPhones have exactly 2.5 D curved edges. There's really a bit of a difference in the curved edges of different iPhones from different manufacturers. However, all Ailun's screen savers are definitely made to fit a 2.5 D cured edge. As a result, you may find a white edge around your screen saver. In this case, we recommend that you use our full screen saver

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