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Dome Glass Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protector Full HD Clear 3D Curved Edge Tempered Glass (Better Solution for Ultrasonic Fingerprint) Perfect Fit Installation Tray by Whitestone Two Pack

Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protector (Dome Glass)

Full clarity: Dome Glass is Ultra clear high definition with 99.9% transparency to ensure an optimum, natural viewing experience
Advanced ultrasonic fingerprint solution-our liquid dispersion technology keeps your phone sharp against touch-you don't need to give up touch sensitivity for extra protection.
Full coverage: this dome glass protector wonderfully covers and protects your entire phone screen. It perfectly covers both sides of rounded edges, preventing damage from use.
Quick installation kit-our patented installation tray perfectly aligns your phone and glass to prevent errors and air bubbles. No more worries about locking the camera and being disturbed by a tilted screensaver.
High response and high transparency. Dust-free, fingerprint-free, single-push super easy installation, bubble free


4/27/20 update-it finally happened. My phone came out of my hand and I struggled to catch it, and my awkwardness blew the phone into a sharp piece of metal, and the metal hit the screen first. I heard a sharp glass breaking sound and my heart fell. I picked up my phone and the glass on the screen saver was literally pulverized from Impact and hit the edge of the protector. I removed the shattered protector and... MY SCREEN IS COMPLETELY CRACK-FREE. With the durability of this screen, a devastating condition of the phone has been fully recovered. The money I spent on it was paid out in dividends. Extremely happy!!!

I've used Dome for my smartphones over the last few years, saved my phone screen a few times, but I went like a dummy and bought a cheaper screen protector for my S20 Ultra because I didn't realise Dome already had one for the S20. Well, this cheap preservative was set up with too many bubbles, the glue reached everywhere and it was just a terrible experience. So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the dome had made an S20. For me, using my laptop to play the installation video, installing this dome protector on the S20 Ultra was simple, leaving a perfectly clear and bubbly-Free result. Yes, the process may seem scary and complicated, but it leaves little room for error when fully pursued. Extremely happy with my screensaver!

Regulation: for anyone who says you don't reach the edges or need multiple glue bottles, I strongly recommend that you both follow the instructions and align the glue sphere with a circle and wait longer than a minute before using UV light. It took about 10 minutes for my application to reach all edges. before using the light.

The glass felt a bit thin, but once on the phone it feels quite convenient. The setup makes you feel that brain surgery will be easier, and there's a good chance you'll create a mess. That said, it fully fits the claim for full coverage and works seamlessly with any case I use. Overall, it is a good product, though somewhat expensive. Although there are two packs, it will come in handy if something does cause the protector to crack.

Thank god, this tempered glass screen protector is one of the very few that works perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultraviolet fingerprint reader. Another big plus is that it's so thin that you have a hard time noticing it's on your screen.

The A-minor-minus is that the instruction manual is not as comprehensive as it should be. And there are many steps to follow to fit this screen perfectly. There's a video on YouTube explaining the procedure. Follow his steps and you will not be disappointed. Perfect fit with screen protection glass. I hope I don't have to test your stamina.

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