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Galaxy S10 Screen Protector, [Dome Glass] Full 3D Curved Edge Tempered Glass [Exclusive Solution for Ultrasonic Fingerprint] Easy Install Kit by Whitestone for Samsung Galaxy S10 (2019) - 2 Pack

Galaxy S10 Screen Protector (Exclusive Solution)

Special solution for ultrasonic fingerprinting-advanced liquid optical transparent adhesive (LOCA) technology prevents micro gaps between the device and the dome glass, making it the only solution for the S10's new ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor.
Liquid dispersion technology-our patented liquid glass screen including cracks and scratches and scrapes all your existing and old flaws while repairing is evenly distributed edge-to-edge to form a barrier impermeable hardens.
Bubble-free installation kit-included in our install frame and buy UV curing light, to prevent errors and air bubbles. Quality is reflected by dedication, so make sure you have enough time and patience to achieve an undeniably perfect result.
Limited lifetime warranty-Whitestone provides a limited lifetime warranty, which means you can request replacement via Whitestone's web page if your Dome Glass is damaged or worn out.


till now.. It's All Good.

Yes, the set-up requires a bit of concentration, but in this day and age I feel we need to slow down a bit and actually use our minds a bit! But to be honest, I've had 2 attempts to apply it properly. It came with 2 tempered glass protectors and luckily I didn't have to spend a screen saver either. This is because you can reuse it if you make a mistake by carefully removing it and cleaning the sticky liquid with alcoholic wipes (including) and a soft cloth or cloth. Just follow the instructions!

When you do it right, you will be happy with the product. Repeat, follow the instructions carefully! And don't rush it! Find a good YouTube training video of your choice (there are plenty). I recommend that you watch the video of your choice at least 2 times before opening the box. You do this to learn how to load. This step will greatly ease your mind...

You can't go wrong... They recommend that you re-scan your fingerprint after installation. Do this and it will eliminate all the "fingerprint doesn't work" complaints that everyone leaves! You'll have to press hard, but it's true! And sometimes you don't have to put too much pressure on it. Vary depending on the situation. But with or without a screen saver, the s10 gives you 4 different print scanning options on your biometrics. Do 2 scans at different angles for each thumb! (welcome)

Once applied, allow your phone to rest overnight for minimal use. Give time for the glue solution to harden and dry. This will prevent dust from gathering around the edges. Minimum use is also vital when installed in the case immediately after installing the protector. Depending on the situation, if you apply it too early, it can remove the tempered glass. I went with the SPIGEN brand and the Trianium brand. A few minutes after the installation, I broke mine! Ever there is a problem...

Once the installation is complete, you won't even know that your screen has a protector on it. I know I'm impressed and pleased with this product, and you probably will be, too.

As a result, invest in a great screensaver for such an expensive phone. $7 bucks can't protect $ 1k, lol! Happy shopping good people!

UPDATE: 2 WEEKS LATER! STILL GOOD TO GO! Fingerprint is still sensitive, screen sensitivity is great, no stains, no scratches, no problems!

It was quite easy to set up. I was a bit nervous, because I was quite unlucky to apply savers before. And my first S10 shattered under my finger in 2 days. I was insistent on having this screensaver. I sucked the glue in the middle, so I panicked, but not for all of it!! The first time, though, went great.
My only advice would be to make sure you're in a dusty room with no airflow. I had to clear the dust every step of the process. I have pets and a ceiling fan, and every move seemed like dust on the screen. I wanted it to be as clear as possible.
I followed instructions to re-register my fingerprint twice. But that wasn't necessary, because my husband's fingerprint is still on my phone and it worked well. Reprinting absorbed the process. It was really hard and I had this press that made me super nervous.

I've tried almost every screen saver made for the S10 Plus. He noted that most fingerprint scanners work. After weeks of disappointment, I finally broke down and decided to pay $ 50 and hope for the best. My only complaint was that Amazon sent me the S10 and didn't send the S10 Plus as I ordered, and had to pay another $ 50 for the right one to get the S10 model as soon as possible, rather than waiting for Amazon to get it in its stores. I got the right protector less than 48 hours after sending the other one back. I was a bit overwhelmed when I opened it and read the instructions. I then watched a video several times that someone had uploaded himself. That was very helpful in my view. One thing to highlight is taking time off. After being satisfied with the placement, I pulled the pin. I was shocked by the fact that there wasn't a single bubble. It looks so great, I can't even say it's there. I scanned my thumbs twice again to be safe and, to my surprise, it works without having to use any pressure. I'll never buy another brand again

Watch the video, read the instructions-repeat, repeat. Then do the setup.

My setup ended with two very small bubbles on the curved edge, but I could easily live with that. The dust was probably the biggest problem for me - I kept soaking up the sticky tape to remove the dust. It's a great thing, I had a few little scratches on my screen and now they're undetectable. I highly recommend this screensaver...just be patient for the setup..

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